Product Testing

Exclusive Offer: Complimentary Comprehensive Testing of Your Product to Determine Grindability and Processing Efficiency

Typically this would cost thousands of dollars to run these tests. Corenco will test your product at zero cost to you!

product testing

Corenco Test Lab Mill

Discover the perfect grind with Corenco's expert testing services for food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Send us ~20 lbs or one cubic foot of your prod­uct, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

Grindability is a measurement of the power required to render a given product to a target particle size. This allows us to optimally size the equipment for your given capacity.

We can anticipate problems before they occur and before you order your equipment through the testing.

No payment, no commitments - just valuable knowledge on optimizing your process with Corenco equipment.

Schedule your test now and revolutionize your processing efficiency with Corenco.

The Testing Experience

We can run an infinite number of simulations.

This complimentary testing allows us to determine your grindability, target particle size, and particle size distribution.

This evaluation enables us to identify the most suitable Corenco equipment in terms of size and style for your specific application or process.

After testing you will receive your test sample, a thorough lab test result, pictures and videos of your test, a machine sizing, and a sample quotation.

product testing

Corenco Test Lab Mill

Meeting the unique needs of our customers over the last 40 years is why people all over the world trust Corenco equipment

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"After testing with Corenco, they were able to determine how much horsepower was required to meet and exceed our processing rate....thank you Corenco!"
- Brent Jonkman at Van Drunen Farms

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"Testing with Corenco was an ideal way for us to find the best screen, rotor and RPM setup for our process".
- William Parkki at POWDERPURE

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Testing Videos for Various Products

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Crushing a Huge 55 Gallon Drum of Frozen Juice Gone in 4 Seconds

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Huge Bags of Carrots through the ScrewFed Grinder!

Transforming Lettuce into Liquid for the Extraction Process

Fill out this form to get your complimentary comprehensive test of your product to determine grindability and processing efficiency.

    After you submit your ~20 lbs. of product, we will test it. You will receive a test sample, a thorough lab test report, pictures and videos of your test, machine sizing, and a sample quotation.