Pump Fed Disintegrators

Pump Fed Mill Details

Our Pump Fed Disintegrators were designed to reduce agglomerates and oversized material in pump-able liquids. They have been employed for use in products as viscous as tomato paste and as thin as water with occasional agglomerates. Built to withstand pressures as high as 150PSI, and service temperatures beyond 100C, these grinders have a wide variety of uses in food and chemical processing.

The Housing of this mill is made from forged Stainless Steel. The Covers are cut from 1.5 inch thick plate. The Seal Assembly is a unique non-mechanical seal (high pressure lip seal) for low cost and ease of replacement.

This machine was originally developed for protein recovery, but has since found wide use in tomato, bean, and dairy analogue industries. The robust simplicity means that the very first machine of this design sold in 1996 is still in service. The efficiency of this milling method is significantly higher than gravity feeding as the flow into the mill can be more precisely regulated using a positive displacement pump.

Pump Fed Mill Specifications

  • Guaranteed sizing: all material must pass through perforated screen
  • All product contact areas fabricated from stainless steel bar and plate
  • All contact surfaces #4 or better finish
  • Simple direct-coupled design
  • Washdown Duty electrical
  • Seals can be removed and replaced in under 15 minutes
  • Will withstand continuous pressures in excess of 150 psi
  • Durable 1-piece screen can be removed and replaced in less than 5 minutes
  • Sanitary quick-clamp inlet and discharge
  • C.I.P.-able
  • Self-priming for low viscosity products
  • Easily reduces difficult to grind material