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Discover the perfect grind with Corenco's expert testing services for food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Send us ~20 lbs or one cubic foot of your prod­uct, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

Get exclusive insights into particle size, distribution, and grindability, accompanied by detailed lab reports, photos, and videos. Plus, visit our Northern California facility to see the process firsthand!

No payment, no commitments - just valuable knowledge on optimizing your process with Corenco equipment.

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"After testing with Corenco, they were able to determine how much horsepower was required to meet and exceed our processing rate....thank you Corenco!"
- Brent Jonkman at Van Drunen Farms

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"Testing with Corenco was an ideal way for us to find the best screen, rotor and RPM setup for our process".
- William Parkki at POWDERPURE

Meeting the unique needs of our customers over the last 40 years is why people all over the world trust Corenco equipment

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