[Webinar] How to Get Higher Yields in Juice Production

Corenco teamed up with Flottweg, the leader in separation technologies and solutions, to discuss higher yields in juice and food processing based on the guide we just published in April 2021!

Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or other products that you are processing, waste is the enemy of profit. The food processing industry in general (and size reduction specifically) is an exercise in waste management.

The company that can produce the highest yields and maintain the highest quality will always win; however, there is a delicate balance between profit and processing. How do you get the highest yield and highest profit? Watch the Webinar and learn more…

The key focus will be about maximizing yield while reducing waste – which is critical no matter what process you’re using. We will also discuss getting a better understanding of the balance that can be achieved with some small changes so you don’t continue to throw your money away.
Download The Guide to High Yield Extraction here – Guide to High Yield Extraction