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Welcome To Corenco – The #1 Best Selling Disintegrators in the World!

Building a long-term relationship with Corenco is investing in your company’s innovative processing capabilities to expand beyond your current processes and open up to new ways of thinking.

At Corenco our mission is to provide you with size reduction equipment custom engineered to optimize or help create your process.

Our equipment is hard at work around the world processing a wide variety of wet and dry ingredients for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

You have unique size reduction challenges, and since 1977 Corenco has been one of the most trusted authorities in the size reduction industry supporting companies in overcoming challenges that no one else could solve.

Do you have a processing challenge and want to have Corenco support you in reviewing your current process or testing your product?

We can support you by testing your product for FREE:

  1. Send us your product
  2. Target size you are looking to achieve
  3. We will test your product for free

Click here to get started now – https://corenco1.wpengine.com/test-your-product/

OR to discuss your unique process or challenge you can reach Neil Gorsuch at 707-921-8182

Customer Testimonial “Corenco gave the exact results we were looking for.” – Will Parkki, Powder Pure Engineer

Since 1977

Corenco is proudly located in Sonoma County, California. We’ve been supporting our local community for over 40 years.
Our equipment is sourced and built in the United States.

Our Clients

We work with a wide variety of clients locally, nationally, and globally.

We proudly provide equipment and services for the following brands:

Durable & Reliable

All Corenco machines are sourced, designed and built in the U.S.A. Our stainless steel equipment is durable, reliable and built to last.

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We offer a variety of machines that can be custom-engineered to meet your exact applications and processes. Our equipment can be used to generate either finished product or as an integral part of the reduction process to complete your product.

We grow and thrive by testing new materials, processes and applications.

If you have a product or process that you would like tested at our facility, please send it to us along with a target sample, and we will test and customize the process to achieve the result you are looking for.

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