Cannabis and Hemp Processing

Cannabis and Hemp High Volume Comminution Solution

Cannabis and Hemp Processing

The Corenco M8A-TK-DCS is used to mill high volumes of cannabis and hemp biomass in preparation for extraction or pre-roll processing. It is a time-tested, food-grade, workhorse that quickly and efficiently breaks down your material.

Market Survey

The cannabis and hemp market has grown to the point that it needs to move past the cottage industry solutions that have been commonplace in this industry until now. The scope of products that can be made from both the male and female cannabis plant are virtually boundless, but will require research and development for proper production. The Corenco M8A has been a staple in emerging process markets for over forty years and is the perfect next step for companies seeking to move up from lab scale, ineffective, or inefficient size reduction solutions.

Product Overview

The Corenco M8A uses simple gravity feeding to quickly and efficiently break down your biomass. It’s designed to be as easy to operate and clean as possible and meets both FDA and USDA sanitation standards.

Biomass is fed into the M8A hopper that leads into the grinding chamber, where the material is quickly reduced through a stationary, single-piece cutting-head to the desired particle size. Cutting heads can be exchanged in under thirty seconds to facilitate changes in particle size, cleaning, and repair.

The supplied dust collection system transports the finished product to a 30 gallon separating canister by way of vacuum. This process eliminates dust, controls heat, assists feeding, and prevents plugging.

The installed controls are washdown-duty, corrosion-resistant, and UL approved for severe environments. They include electrical safety interlocks such as a cover-open switch, lock-out switch, and two emergency stop buttons. The controls are wired to a UL approved starter or variable frequency drive for precise speed control.

Depending on how the incoming biomass is prepared, this system can process over seven hundred pounds per hour. Both the inlet and the discharge of the mill are flanged, allowing the machine to easily be integrated into a controlled system.

Cannabis and Hemp Processing


Electrical Requirements:


  • 71.5″ waterlift
  • 3 Motors
  • 120V/20 Amp Single Phase Power or 240V/10 Amp


  • 10HP: 3-Phase Power
  • 208/230/460V
  • Amperage depends on available voltage
  • Alternate voltages available. Please inquire.

System Dimensions:


  • 52” Length x 33” Width x 62” Height

30 Gallon Collection Canister

  • 21” Diameter, 30” Height


  • 28” Length, 31” Width, 62” Height


  • M8A-TK: 800 lbs. Fully Crated
  • Dust Collection System: +300 lbs.


Units are typically built to order at our facility in California and can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks to complete. Stocked inventory is sometimes available on a first come, first served basis.


18 month factory warranty on all non-wear items


If you have questions about how Corenco technology can be applied to your business’s unique needs, please contact us and we’ll gladly work with you to find the best solution to meet your goals.

You can contact our sales department directly at (707) 921-8182.

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